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Why Parents Love our Program



Resolve Conflict and Develop Productive Relationships At Home, School, and Community.

Our program can help strengthen the youth’s ability to cognitively recognize unhealthy interactions at home, school and community that results in conflict or unproductive outcomes, and offer the best therapeutic methods for resolving it. Our behavior model incorporates four key components that work together seamlessly and effectively to address the academic, behavioral, and social needs of each of student: (1) one to one development; (2) research-based interventions, (3) targeted therapeutic interventions; and (4) highly qualified staff. Our Support network techniques include therapeutic units of interest to our students that actively engage students in their own behavior development process. Our tools provide deep insight into the roots of conflict and offer concrete strategies for resolution, helping youth refocus their energy on positive outcomes.


Resolve conflict effectively:

  •  Improve  productivity at home, school and  community

  •  Minimizing surface behaviors and Maximizing student Achievement

  •   Self-regulation and rational decision-making when dealing with conflict

  •  Reducing and coping with stress related to environmental circumstances


Behavioral Services

We specialize in helping students who continue to demonstrate challenging behaviors within the classroom that leads to non-academic success and unproductive outcomes within school culture.More importantly, our approaches are founded on best practices all of which aligns with understanding environmental factors and its impact on behavior and development. Emphasizing on the how and why of behavior over just standard behavior difficulty. Each youth receives direct development in  target areas, and provide each youth with an Behavior Development Plan to create a of services leading to increased behavior outcomes for students which promote healthy and productive outcomes for students, parents, teachers and the school community.


Behavior Support and School Success *In School Support*

The goal of our program is to build a successful relationships with Parent, Teacher,

Student and School Community in an effort to establish and create a Behavior Development Plan. DC Youth Empowerment utilizes behavior development planning (which includes the youth support network) to assists with the development process. Data is collected from each youth to identify support needs, behavioral and academic goals and if needed appropriate classroom or school placement. Family members or personal support networks are included to ensure that the development process is a success. A behavior development plan is developed with measurable outcomes that lead to behavioral change and academic success.

Collectively, our staff have extensive experience in and technical assistance as teachers, administrators, researchers and innovators to education. They are accustomed to working side-by-side with key SEA and LEA administrators, Our leadership teams, and professional development providers meet state and district goals. They are skilled at strategic approaches, customizing resources, and delivering training.





Helping Youth
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  • Grades improved 79.46%*

  • Academics improved 79.33%*

  • Behavior improved 88.87%*

  • Academics improved 88.87%*

  • Job Readiness improved 94.00%*


DC Youth Empowerment Group is a Non Profit Organization that specializes in engaging and motivating our youth to use their inner abitility & natural strengths to reach and achieve their full potential.



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