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Why Parents Love our Program

  • Grades improves 79.46% *

  • Attitudes toward School Success improved 79.33%*



Helping youth find careers they are passionate about.

Helping a youth understand their personality, interests, skills, and capabilities allows them to more easily identify and pursue a career path that fits.We work collaboratively with the local public, public charter and non-public schools and parents to ensure a productive plan of services for students from the secondary education environment to post-secondary education, training and employment. We provide each youth with a Workforce Development Specialist to provide resources and services leading to long-term employment outcomes for youth.Our exceptional assessment collection provides everything educators, services providers, and career professionals need to:


  • Help youth plan for any career decision or transitioning into workforce

  • Match occupational and educational choices to youth’s unique communication, learning and work styles

  • Give youth a deeper insight into the world of work

  • Challenge possible assumptions youth may have for particular careers or types of work


Workforce Development & Employment Services. 

DC Youth Empowerment brings a scientific evidence-based and therapeutic approach to life-long learning coupled with individualized instruction to be provided at home, schools, and service providers. We utilize innovation, knowledge and application to meet the specific learning needs  and workforce development needs of our youth. We provide a web of support that targets academic success, social-emotional development, post-secondary transition and entry into the workforce.

DC Youth Empowerment offers a range of employment services that considers each person’s unique strengths, interest, preferences and needs. While our Employment Training  model focus on individual job placement, it also recognizes the benefit of small supported groups. DCYE Employment Training Services include Career Assessment, Job  Development and Placement and Follow-Along Job support and much more.


Our program also provides an introduction to Career Technical Education  as it prepares youth for entrance into the workforce, developing the skills needed to secure wage –based employment opportunities. We ensure that our youth will experience the gratification that comes from having a job that fits their interest, provides income, and helps the youth or young adult become personally successful and socially responsible.

DC Youth Empowerment utilizes data for workforce development and training needs to assist with the development process. Data is collected from each youth to identify support needs, post secondary goals and career exploration and training. Family members or personal support networks are included to ensure that the development process is a success. A Career Focus Plan is developed with measurable outcomes that lead to a successful transition into adulthood.

Who Should Participate ?

  • Youth seeking CTE Career Technical Education and Training

  • Youth interested in gaining first time employment

  • Youth transitioning from high school to post secondary education and workforce

  • Youth Entangled with Juvenile Services

  • Young dis engage teen adults who need skills to increase employ-ability

  • Young Adults  and Young ex-offenders


Collectively, our staff has extensive experience in and technical assistance as teachers, administrators, researchers and innovators to education. They are accustomed to working side-by-side with key SEA and LEA administrators, Our leadership teams, and professional development providers meet state and district goals. They are skilled with using strategic approaches, customizing resources, and delivering training.


  • Behavior improved 88.87%*

  • Academics improved 88.87%*

  • Job readiness improved 94%*





DC Youth Empowerment Group is a Non Profit Organization that specializes in engaging and motivating our youth to use their inner abitility & natural strengths to reach and achieve their full potential.

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