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Moving A Generation Foward

Aimed At Upward Mobility



DC Youth Empowerment Group is a Non –Profit 501(c)3  based Organization, that specializes in fundamentally preparing the youth  for the today and tomorrow. We specialize in helping youth who continue /continued to struggle despite participating in other school or community– based counseling programs. DC Youth Empowerment, target teens who were once considered troubled or at risk we help them gain the skills, knowledge and application that are necessary to become productive and valuable contributors in society, but most importantly personally successful and socially responsible.


The need for a program addressing the issues of poverty, illiteracy, academic success, emotional stability, crime, teen pregnancy, and drug abuse that plague our youth is 

indisputable. A graduation rate of less than 50%, an illiteracy rate of 36%-50%, 23% of at risk youth families with an income below 50% of the poverty level, with an additional 24% of 

children under 13 who live in families of the working poor under poverty level. A breakdown of ages and graduation is also equally appalling: 29% of the at risk are below poverty level, of the high school graduates 17.2% from single parent families are below poverty level, and of those who did not graduate 46.9% are below poverty level.

The employment picture remains grim for teenagers and young adults and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that youth unemployment is more than double the national unemployment rate. “They deserve better. I ask my colleagues to support this urgently needed targeted assistance for young, unemployed Americans.  "Congresswoman Elanor Holmes Norton" *Washington Informer 4/6/2016, Norton Seeks to Reduce Black Youth Unemployment


This is an effort to raise urban youth awareness. This effort will create platforms to push programs and initiatives forward, form major partnerships, create universal networking and  provide impactful resources to the youth not only locally but nationally.  


To carry forward our ambitious projects, we request you to help us financially. We are asking for a tax deductible contribution.


DC Youth Empowerment            Tax ID: 460549197

50 Hawaii ave.  #111  N.E.

Washington D.C. 20011              202.813.9452

$40  =                         

$40 will provide 1 school uniform, books, book bag, notebook, pens and pencils for a youth. Promoting school preparation and

$50  =           

$50- will purchase 1 dinner for a youth at a cultural diverse
restaurant. Promoting social awareness and cultural diversity.

$125  =                   

$125- will provide a meal, lodging, and travel expense for one weekend to participate in our college tour exposition. 

Promoting college readiness.

$160 - will provide 8 hours of salary for a staff person serving youth
with academic and behavior difficulties at home, school, or community. Promoting positive academic and behavior development.

$160 =                  

$325 - will provide supported employment, job coaching, and job
development training. Promoting job readiness and entry into the

$325 =                         

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