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Why Parents Love our Program


  • Grades improved 79.46%*

  • Attitudes toward school success improved 79.33%*

  • Behavior improved 88.87%*

  • Academics improved 88.87%*

  • Job Readiness improved 94.00%*



Our Services

The services provided by our staff are designed to assist states, districts, and schools to successfully implement strategies and intervention for struggling youth, and scale-up RTI and its components -- screening students, monitoring student progress, providing evidence-based interventions that adjust in intensity depending on a student's responsiveness, and identifying students who are under performing at school or in life.  To determine what services may be needed, staff collaboratively problem-solve with the requesting state, district, parents, or school to (a) identify and prioritize the areas of need, and (b) select evidence-based practices that can best meet those needs. We are available to provide assistance on environmental struggling students to states, districts, and schools in a number of ways:


  • One-time events or activities on academic/behavior or related topics

  • Short-term series of activities that facilitate the implementation of  classroom strategies that decreases behavior but maximizes learning

  • Sustained, multi-year, comprehensive sets of  on-going development for teachers or professionals who wants a in depth look at maximizing student achievement


We utilize innovation and apply evidence-based strategies and incorporate the best practices to maximize student achievement and reduce behavior problems at home, school, and community. Available services include on-site professional development, coaching and consultation, document review, needs assessment, and evaluation of current intervention and strategies. 


On-site Professional Development

Direct customized discussions and trainings to district or school staff on topics such as:


  • Essential components of Managing Surface Behaviors

  • Understanding Environmental Behaviors

  • School Culture; More Learning less Behavior

  • Instruction of diverse learners; Education vs Environment

  • Instructional Behavior Management Plan Coaching and Consultation

Support on academic/behavior-related topics identified by the client. Support can be provided in person or at a distance (e.g., webinars, conference calls, online meetings). Services can also include coaching and/or consultation on facilitating the school culture leadership team process.


  • Provide intensive support for disengaged youth

  • Implement Behavior Management practices aligned with district policies

  • Provide resources that target environmental change

  • Strategies for increasing student attendance 

  • Individual Needs Assessment

  • In School Support for Parents and Students

  • *For parents looking for solutions to ongoing academic/behavior problems in  school and/or at home.

  • Review and Attend IEP Meetings

  • Behavior Intervention Plans

  • Classroom Observations

  • Assist in undertaking a needs assessment and implementation of current practices that promotes social –emotional development

  • Workforce Development and Employment Services

  • Post-Secondary Transitioning & Work Ready Training

  • Career Exploration & Workforce Development Needs Assessment

  • Job Development & Job Placement

  • Follow-Along Job Support

Collectively, our staff has extensive experience in and technical assistance as teachers, administrators, researchers and innovators to education. They are accustomed to working side-by-side with key SEA and LEA administrators, Our leadership teams, and professional development providers to meet state and district goals. They are skilled at strategizing approaches, customizing resources, and delivering training. If you are interested in working with the DC Youth Empowerment , complete the following service request form.






DC Youth Empowerment Group is a Non Profit Organization that specializes in engaging and motivating our youth to use their inner abitility & natural strengths to reach and achieve their full potential.

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